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Open many-body quantum systems

Open many-body quantum systems

Understanding fundamental aspects of quantum many-body systems coupled to an external environment and developing quantum technological applications.


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Involved QF Members
Members Institution Relevant Expertise
Hendrik Weimer, LeaderLUHTheory of Dynamics of Manybody Quantum Systems
Luis SantosLUHTheory of Dynamics of Manybody Quantum Systems; Twisted-bilayer-graphene physics in ultracold atoms in optical potentials
Vijay SinghLUHTheory of Dynamics of Manybody Quantum Systems
Tanja MehlstäublerPTB / LUHIntegrated Chip Traps and Optical Components; Dynamics of Ion Coulomb Crystals
Lars TimmPTB / LUHDynamics of ion Coulomb Crystals
Christian OspelkausLUH / PTBScalable Surface-Electrode Ion Traps; Integrated Microwave and RF Control Elements
Tobias OsborneLUHTensor networks for many body localized systems
LUH / TUBSTensor networks for many body localized systems
Christoph KarraschTUBSTensor networks for many body localized systems
Piet O. SchmidtPTB / LUHQuantum Logic Spectroscopy of Highly Charged Ions
Patrik RecherTUBSTheory of Emergent Correlated Quantum Matter; Josephson Junctions; Twisted Bilayer Graphene; Twisted-bilayer-graphene physics in ultracold atoms in optical potentials
Wolfram BrenigTUBSstrongly correlated electron systems, quantum transport, quantum critical systems, low dimensional quantum magnets
Andrey SurzhykovPTB / TUBSLight-Matter Interfaces and Dynamics