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Quantum electrical standards

Quantum electrical standards


  • Develop novel and improved quantum electrical standards for electrical current, electrical resistance, and voltage: improved single electron pumps, novel quantum Hall materials and advanced Josephson circuits
  • Support collaboration on new materials for standards (e.g. Graphene), measurement techniques and capabilities (i.e. nanomagnetism measurements to study topology or quantum calibrated AFM);
  • Utilize the improved uncertainties to validate the foundations of electrical quantum metrology; 
  • Realize the most precise measurement to date of the quantum metrology triangle;
  • Contribute to the CRC Quantum Precision


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Involved QF Members
Members Institution Relevant Expertise
Hans Werner Schumacher, LeaderPTBMacroscopic Quantum Standards; Precision current metrology of single electron pumps; NV-centre-based magnetometry
Thomas GersterPTBMacroscopic Quantum Standards
David ReifertPTBMacroscopic Quantum Standards
Patrik RecherTUBSTheory of Emergent Correlated Quantum Matter; Josephson Junctions; Twisted Bilayer Graphene; Twisted-bilayer-graphene physics in ultracold atoms in optical potentials
Peter SilvestrovTUBSTwisted Bilayer Graphene
Rolf HaugLUHTwo-dimensional materials, Electrical Quantum Effects, Magnetic Quantum Effects
Michael OestreichLUHSpin and charge dynamics of single carriers in single semiconductor quantum dots
Lina BockhornLUHElectrical Quantum Effects
N.N.LUHTwo-Dimensional Materials
Meinhard SchillingTUBSElectronic Quantum Metrology; Optical Voltage Standard - Fast Prototyping and HTS Superconductors
Marco TollkühnTUBSOptical Voltage Standard - HTS Superconductors
Ilya ElenskiyTUBSOptical Voltage Standard – Fast Prototyping
Hansjörg SchererPTBAnomolous Quantum Hall Effect with Topological Materials
Frank HohlsPTBLow-Dimensional Electron Systems
Claus LämmerzahlZARMQuantum Sensors in Free Fall; Relativistic Geodesy; Quantum Objects in Gravity
Franziska WeickertPTBNMR, magnetic measurements, quantum magnetism