Tests of Fundamental Physics: Gravity

Tests of Fundamental Physics: Gravity

Conceptualize, design, and perform innovative classical and quantum tests of gravity and improve the results by orders of magnitude.

Contributions to QuantumFrontiers

  • Exploring synergies from diverse test strategies of relativistic effects, equivalence principle, and dark energy searches
  • Fundamental aspects of physical theories, in particular gravity and extended spacetime geometries, are theoretically analysed and experimentally tested
  • Push the limits on relativity tests via Lunar Laser Ranging (LLR) to the world’s best levels
  • Tests of the Universality of Free Fall using matter wave interferometry
  • Resolution of the redshift controversy with quantum clock interferometry
  • Constrain, or find evidence for, extended spacetime geometries with torsion, non-metricity, general affine conections, velocity or momentum dependence, by the coupling between quantum systems to these properties of spacetime in the appropriate PN limits
  • Tests of the Newtonian gravitational law on small scales

Collaborative Innovation

Classical Tests

  • Performing sophisticated tests of Einstein's theory of relativity with Lunar Laser Ranging (LLR) including theoretical and data analyses (Müller, IfE / Biskupek, IfE / Lämmerzahl, ZARM / Hackmann, ZARM / Pfeifer, ZARM)
    • possible temporal variation of the gravitational constant
    • tests of the equivalence of active and passive mass, o tests of extended spacetime geometry (torsion, non-metricity, affine connections, velocity/momentum dependence)
    • test of the weak and strong equivalence principle, also for dark matter
    • Yukawa test for the Earth-Moon distance
    • estimation of metric parameters gamma, beta and alpha
  • Investigating the 1/r² dependence of gravity via measurements at short distances with micro-machined optomechanical force sensors and levitated nanoparticle-based force sensors (Brand, PTB / Heinzel, AEI / Vogt, ZARM)
  • Testing predictions of relativity with clocks in gravitational fields: gravitational redshift and gravitomagnetism (Herrmann, ZARM / Lämmerzahl, ZARM / Hackmann, ZARM / Philipp, ZARM)
  • Search for Dark Matter through equivalence principle tests in space (Naceur Gaaloul (IfE)) • Testing local Lorentz invariance in the solar system (Pfeifer, ZARM / Hackmann, ZARM)
  • Testing modified/alternative theories of gravity and extended spacetime geometries using astrophysical systems (Lämmerzahl, ZARM / Hackmann, ZARM / Pfeifer, ZARM)

Quantum Tests

  • Testing relativistic effects in matter wave interferometers (Schlippert, IQO / Rasel, IQO / Herrmann, ZARM)
  • Performing quantum tests of the equivalence principle (Schlippert, IQO / Rasel, IQO / Herrmann, IQO)
  • Testing the Universality of Free Fall with Very Long Baseline Atom Interferometry (VLBAI) (Schlippert, IQO / Rasel, IQO)
  • Observing time dilation in atom interferometers by using quantum clock interferometry (Schlippert, IQO / Leizek, IQO)
  • Performing dark energy searches in the Einstein Elevator (Gaaloul, IQO / Schlippert, IQO)
  • Testing of local Lorentz invariance with quantum systems (Schlipper, IQO / Rasel, IQO / Gaaloul, IQO / Herrmann, ZARM / Pfeifer, ZARM)
  • Testing fundamental properties of quantum mechanics, including tests of the interaction of quantum systems with gravitation and extended spacetime geometry (Lämmerzahl, ZARM / Rätzel, ZARM / Schlippert, IQO / Gaaloul, IQO / Pfeifer, ZARM / Hackmann, ZARM)

Scientific Output

  • Publications
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Members and Competences

  • Involved Members and their Relevant Expertise
    Members Institution Relevant Expertise
    Eva Hackmann, LeaderZARMTests of GR and of alternative/modified theories of gravity
    Claus LämmerzahlZARMQuantum Sensors in Free Fall; Relativistic Geodesy; Quantum Objects in Gravity
    Florian SeemannZARMQuantum Sensors in Free Fall
    Roy BarzelZARMQuantum Objects in Gravity
    Jürgen MüllerLUHRelativistic Geodesy; LLR Relativity Test; Application of Quantum Gravimetry
    Liliane BiskupekLUHLLR Relativity Test
    Ernst M. RaselLUHQuantum Gravimeters; Atom-Chip Based Gravimeters and Inertial Sensors
    Uwe BrandPTBExperimental investigation of the Gravitational 1/r2 Law at separations down to sub-µm
    Gerhard HeinzelAEIExperimental investigation of the Gravitational 1/r2 Law at separations down to sub-µm
    Christian PfeiferZARMGeneral relativity, Quantum Gravity Phenomenology
    Sven HerrmannZARMmicrogravity experiments
    Christian VogtZARMmicrogravity experiments
    Dennis PhilippZARM
    Mingyue ZhangLUH
    Vishwa SinghLUH
    Naceur GaaloulLUH
    Christian SchubertLUH
    Dennis SchlippertLUH
    Dennis RätzelZARMTests of GR and modified gravity, Quantum Objects in Gravity
    Sven AbendLUH
    Marian CepokZARM
    Ekim HanimeliZARM
    Shokoufe FarajiZARM